Track That Training!

confused clientRecently, I’ve worked with a couple of different clients that described their previous training/education as “numerous” and have no idea of the details. Sadly, that doesn’t fly in the real world.

I don’t care how many there are, or what they are, track them. Dates, titles, instructors and or institutions all need to be kept on file. You may not need them all at any one time, but have them. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to develop a quality résumé without them. You deserve the best possible advantage against the competition; don’t become your biggest hindrance.

First things first:

1)      Create a file and keep it nearby, so it’s easily accessible for additions.

2)      Keep in chronological order (will make copying it over to your résumé easier, as well as easier to toss outdated information).

3)      Regularly look in this file… I know this sounds obvious, but so often this gets blown off until the individual is in a rush to create an effective document and then they’ve created more work for themselves.

4)      And finally, remember opportunity can come at ANY time, so be prepared… It doesn’t hurt to regularly update your résumé. Good things come to those that are prepared.

I hope that this little tip has helped open your eyes to the need to keep your training information current and ready to be used.

Until next time…

Remember that you create your own successes, in both career and life.



3 thoughts on “Track That Training!

  1. Retired from 30 years as a career counselor. Back in the day, folkd didn’t put trainings and courses on resumes unless they were part of a credential or certification. Howerver we recommended they be mentioned in cover letters as an additional pitch. My, how things have changed. What hasn’t thou is the need to keep good records with dates and info.

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