Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD Post It.

iStock_000009570308_XXXLargeIn recent months, I’ve noticed that people are thinking less and less about the consequences of what they say and do online. The warnings are everywhere, but people think that it’s their right to post whatever their heart desires. Whatever it takes to gain attention… Their 15 minutes of fame, their RIGHT to say or do anything. It’s their RIGHT! This is the United States and we have rights, right? Of course, you have the right, but that doesn’t make it right. Is that an overuse of “right” or what??? 😉

The problem with this is that they don’t take into consideration the cost. The cost can be quite high and once it’s done, there’s rarely ever a way to make it go away completely. Even if you take it down, relatively quickly… The internet NEVER forgets!

From the gentleman that had the tirade at Chick-fil-A to the local guy that posted a video on YouTube of him in the Burger King sink on his birthday, like he was taking a bath… There is a cost and for these two , it was their jobs.

What I find amusing is that regardless the HUGE public disasters these events create and no matter how much media coverage there is of the damage, people are still doing it. It’s an attitude that says, “It can’t happen to me.” From stomping on the flag to making uncalled for statements against the police, you hear it happening each week.

The bottom line is that if you’d get fired for saying to your boss or if what you’re doing might get you arrested, you likely shouldn’t be posting it online. It’s much easier to avoid the damage, than it is to clean it up.

So my advice for the week… Think before you post.

Have a wonderful week!