Are You Taking Care of Your Number One Asset???

workout girlYour number one asset… Do you know what it is? Do you know how to keep it in top working order? And do you know that this one item can make or break your career???

That item… You.

It’s easy to allow your health to slip away under the guise of “I’m too busy to take care of myself; I’m too busy taking care of everyone else.” Unfortunately, that excuse comes at a very high price.

I’m not perfect and have in the past couple years, put my own health on the back burner to care for family and build a business, but as a cancer survivor that was a bad decision and I’m trying to get back to making my health a priority. I’ve started walking/jogging again and have lost close to thirty pounds and with that, it’s helped my confidence and believe it or not, my business. It’s hard to have a career or any kind for long, if you refuse to take care of what does all the work.

I’m going to give you some suggestions to getting back in control of your health…

Now, understand, I’m not a doctor and if you’re starting a new diet or exercise regimen, you should see your doctor to make sure you are up for it.

  1. Get enough sleep. I can’t stress this one enough (to myself, as much as to anyone else) because it’s impossible to be at the top of your game if you’re only getting four hours of sleep a night. It WILL catch up with you and it WILL be ugly.
  2. Eat right. Again, I need to often remind myself of this fact because when you work on the go, it’s EXTREMELY easy to grab junk and munch, instead of grabbing something healthy. This nation is an obesity issue and it hurts us, as we try to do the jobs we’re given. I’ve been trying to pack a healthy snack for times when I can’t get somewhere to grab a decent lunch (that means NO to the fries and NO to supersizing).
  3. Get off the sofa. I know when you get home that you’re tired (I get up at 4 in the morning, so completely get it), but even if it’s only a twenty minute walk, it’s better than simply putting your feet up and eating chips. I’ve also been parking further away and squeezing in a little more walking that way (it does help). If you need to, get yourself a pedometer to simply track the steps you take during the day and build on that. Again, little things make a big difference.
  4. Visit your doctor if something is amiss. You know your body and in most cases, you know when something isn’t right. I knew something was off with my leg for two years before giving in and seeing a doctor, only to find that the huge mass on my knee was cancer (was lucky, but don’t be me).
  5. And finally, play… Yes, I said “play.” As adults we tend to build our entire lives around our jobs and families, becoming so adult that we forget what it’s like to play. Play keeps your mind sharp and improves your attitude on every level. Find something you enjoy doing and do it. It doesn’t have to be rocket science or somehow change the world to be important. Whether it’s bowling, jogging, riding a bike or even playing a sport… Just get up and do it. This is likely the best exercise you’ll do.

So… Get up from the sofa and turn off “Big Brother” (that in and of itself it good for you and saves runningcountless brain cells) and get out there and take care of that asset, so it will take care of you and your future.

Have a great week and enjoy the wonderful autumn days!

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

How Not to be Chum Looking for a Job After 40

iStock_000001623897_ExtraSmallHave you ever noticed how once you hit 40 (or it seems so to some), there are young vicious sharks swimming around you on your search for work? They act friendly, but you just KNOW that they are circling and waiting to have you for lunch. I’d like to give you a few tips on how to keep the sharks at bay…

  1. Never and I mean NEVER use the word old to describe yourself. Good grief, if you’re not 80, you’re not old to begin with and need slapped upside the head just for saying it. Saying that you’re getting old is like opening a wound and dripping blood in the water. Stop it!
  2. Feeling squishy and slow among your 12 year old coworkers? Let me break it to you… Watching American Idol while eating chips and playing couch potato isn’t going to advance you career, only your waist. Get up off your butt and get active.
  3. And if you try to get active and suddenly EVERYTHING hurt… Get over it! It will! I don’t know how many people give up after the first time they exercise simply because it hurts. Don’t overdo it, but don’t mosey through the neighborhood without breaking a sweat and call that enough. Sweat, baby, sweat!
  4. When you do exercise, listen to something upbeat. Smooth jazz may keep you from getting violent on the drive home, but goodness it will do NOTHING for a workout. Think of it this way, if the music can cause your pulse to pick up just listening or watching the video, imagine what it can do for a workout.
  5. Another don’t is the constant complaining about the younger former bosses and fellow workers. It makes you look like the curmudgeon of the office and like you should be saying something like “When I was a kid, we walked 10 miles to school, uphill, both ways.” Complaining gets you nowhere, fast!
  6. Understand that you should be at the top of your game and you’re never too old to take classes and seek professional development. The only way to stay on top is to be a continuous student.
  7. And finally: Be active in your community and make a difference in lives. There’s a much bigger world than just the only you live in. Look out for more than just you and your own. This keeps you active, your resume current, and an impact that can advance or build a career.

Follow these guidelines and not only will you stand a chance with the sharks, but you might just become a force to be reckoned with (instead of sleeping with the fishes).